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If you are looking for an agent to sell your house… you have found it

So often we hear people ask which agent should I choose? who is good? and who will get me the top dollar on my house?

The answer is actually quite simple and logical. Choose an agent that has been there and done that and has the experience to do the job right the first time. Many agents can sell your house… in fact depending on what you are prepared to sell your house for almost anyone can sell your house. What you really want however is to get the best possible price in the market.

A good agent knows the market and has a good idea of what your house it worth. A good agent has your best interests at heart, and is out there to get you the very most they can. They are your advocate and although through commissions they often have a vested interest in making an early sale, they will use every means at their disposal to get what your house is worth.

Unfortunately there are a lot of agents out there and knowing which one feels right for you is ultimately a matter of opinion. At Special Agents we try to make the decision of who to pick just a bit easier. We have hand picked the agent in your area that we feel can do the job for you. Agents they have got the right stuff to get you that top dollar.

When you are searching for that Special Real Estate Agent for your needs, please remember what agents can do for you:


Agents usually arrange the all advertising of the property and because of their economies of scale and their connections this adverting is usually less expensive than you could provide for yourself

 First point of Contact

Real Estate Agents appointed by you act as a first point of contact for potential buyers and answer their inquiries. This can be very time consuming especially when you have other things to deal with when preparing to move house.

 Market Advise

It’s their job. It goes without saying some one that spends that much time looking for houses to sell and actually selling those houses would have a fair idea of what the market is expecting to pay for your house. Never understate the vale of knowledge and experience. Agents can not only advise you on current market conditions but also what the market is likely to offer in the future.

 Open Homes

Par of any good agents’ job is to show potential buyers around the property. This is not as simple as it may seem. Quite often the seller considers there house ready for sale straight away, just the way they like it. Unfortunately this isn’t always what might appeal to a potential buyer. Your agent should know what your potential buyer is looking for a make the house look and feel like a place they want to buy.

 Selling Price

This is the big one. Agents can advise you on the selling price and how to present your home. Knowing what you property is really worth (whether you over or under estimate is usually the key to how successful your marketing campaign is going to be. If you overestimate the value of your home then it will not sell in a reasonable time and lose that vital ‘new to marker’ momentum. Undervalue and you will be left feeling you could of got more money. A good agent should know the ‘sweet spot’ or the best price to pitch your house.

 Pool of buyers

A good agent who where the Buyer are. You want to get your house out to the largest amount of potential buyer not just people as possible. At the end of the day you only need one buyer to buy your house and your agent should have provide access to, and knowledge of, a pool of potential buyers that may have not otherwise been aware of your property.


Once you have your price or your ‘line in the sand’ it is now time to Negotiate. The agent usually negotiates the sale and purchase agreement with the buyer on your behalf (sometimes done by a lawyer). This is where a small amount of knowledge really pays off. The seller want it all done as soon as possible but it must be right and this is where your agent has to know how to ‘cross the t’s and dot the i’s.’


Although a lawyer is usually involved in the final stages of selling you home it is the agent and his legal knowledge that guides you through the process. This knowledge of the legal procedures involved in selling a property is vital if you want the sale to go through without any hitches. As mentioned earlier many people can sell your house when it all goes to plan but the knowledge of what can go wrong and how to stay clear of them is a great reason choose wisely when choosing an agent.